Prebuild Control by International Construction Data

John Spencer created International Construction Data, Inc. in 1998. His mission was clear – to address two fundamental elements critical to the success of commercial construction projects: Prebuild Planning and Project Control. The company’s proven system is called Prebuild Control.

John is a valued team member in his clients’ overall approach to successful projects. His Prebuild Control system has been used in hundreds of projects to keep them ahead of schedule and under budget.

Based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, John and his experienced staff provide support nationwide to a variety of commercial construction projects including municipal buildings, transportation infrastructure, education facilities, performing arts centers and museums. As the company approaches 600 completed projects, the Prebuild Control system continues to be an important tool for clients across the country.


John Spencer is a 40-year veteran in the construction industry. His first survey crew chief job was on the initial construction phase of the DFW airport. He then worked on the Alaska pipeline as a survey crew chief from 1973 to 1976. John started his first construction staking business in Fairbanks, Alaska, at the age of 24 and surveyed throughout the state. For the next 20 years his business grew both in Alaska and Texas where he used the latest technology and a growing practical experience in a wide range of highway and commercial construction projects.

In 1984, John developed RoadRunner, one of the first combined road-building and dirt quantity measuring software programs available for the new PC platform. RoadRunner was a giant leap forward compared to the conventional method of staking and quantity measurement central to road building. Several state highway departments employed the software to enhance productivity of their crews.

John Spencer and International Construction Data, Inc. continue to bring the construction industry into the 21st century with cutting edge methods to assist builders, construction managers and project owners in finding cost effective ways to run their jobs smoothly, quickly and efficiently.