How Prebuild Control contributes to the team effort

“Measure twice, cut once.” — Old English Proverb


There are many common areas and similarities to all commercial construction companies. Management philosophy and the approach to any job can vary greatly from company to company and from project manager to project manager. Some of our clients have large field engineering contingents while others count on the subcontractors to execute the positioning of project components. Our customers represent the full spectrum of approaches regarding this subject.

In order to gain the consistent results they’ve come to expect in the field, their management philosophy is this: The Prebuild Control process represents the first “measurement” in the “measure twice, cut once” approach to building. The second and final “measurement” or check comes from each team member, (dirt, utilities, concrete, structural steel, etc) using the information for their particular discipline. This critical step in the process puts everyone on the same page with the same trusted data.

Start with Confidence

The savings in time and production are significant. The immediate result for the field as well as the management team is confidence. Team member efforts are in a straight, meaningful, and efficient direction. Our two-part system brings this confidence to projects in their early stages. This philosophy of early problem detection and total project control is consistently referred to as the shortest distance to a successful project.

Field Data & Control vs. Costs & Liability

In the past, most builders maintained the overall field data & control of their projects. As the industry has changed, and the bottom line of builders has been more closely scrutinized, this field data & control is often transferred to the subcontract0rs in an attempt to save costs and reduce liability.

In many cases the exact opposite occurs.

Without the Prebuild Control system,  large budgets can be wasted through miscommunication and lack of coordination.  Each subcontractor is  professional and efficient.  However, without a Prebuilt master field data & control plan,  errors and costly slowdowns are more likely.

Transferring  this field control to subcontractors is considered a reduction in liability by some builders.  However,  the liability can can be far greater without the Prebuild Control process. Without this tool,  builders must rely on a combination of factors  for the success of their projects. Our clients regard this control as critical to the speed and direction of their projects –  avoiding countless problems and financial exposure.